Eye Strain and Blue Light

The following article addresses digital induced eye strain and effective remedies for improving the condition; while also considering whether the use of “blue light glasses” are effective

Eye Strain and Blue Light in Bellflower

What is Digital Eye Strain?

Also known as "Computer Vision Syndrome", this condition occurs from sitting for extended periods of time in front of a computer screen or while using other digital or electronic devices such as tablets, TV, e-readers, and smartphones. When we have excessive exposure to digital screens, we have a tendency to blink less, which increases the strain on our eyes. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to reduce or eliminate these symptoms.

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What is Blue Light?

Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum emitted by the sun. Proponents of blue light glasses argue that they can reduce the effects of this exposure which they maintain is harmful, causes ocular strain, and impairs sleep. 

Is there any merit to this claim?

Are Blue Light Glasses Effective In Treating Eye Strain?

The American Academy of Ophthalmology reports that a recent study found no evidence suggesting that such light damages our eyes. As a result, they do not recommend such glasses. (There was some evidence linking such light exposure to possible effects on the body's circadian rhythm or “internal clock”).

Most experts reject the unproven claim that blue light emitted by digital devices is excessive enough to cause ocular strain. While these symptoms are certainly uncomfortable, adopting the techniques below will reduce these unpleasant effects. 

There is no reliable evidence to prove the efficacy of such glasses or that such light exposure leads to eye disease. Rather than purchasing such glasses, there are many steps you can take to reduce the effects caused by overuse or misuse of electronic devices.

Are Blue Light Glasses Effective In Treating Eye Strain?
Symptoms or Conditions Related To Computer Vision Syndrome

Symptoms or Conditions Related To Computer Vision Syndrome

Common symptoms from excessive exposure to digital screens include:

  • headaches
  • discomfort
  • difficulty with sleep

Fortunately, with proper corrective measures these are only temporary effects. There is no evidence that long-term exposure causes ill effects on vision or overall optical health.

Symptoms or Conditions Related To Computer Vision Syndrome

Treatment/Homecare Prevention

There are plenty of easy and effective solutions to prevent eye strain. The following techniques have brought relief to many people:

  • Take periodic breaks and move around. Remind yourself to blink.
  • Administer artificial tears to lubricate whenever feel excessive dryness
  • A matte screen filter attached to your computer screen may reduce glare. You can also change your computer settings to accomplish the same.
  • 20-20-20 Rule: Take a break every 20 minutes, where you stare at an object 20 feet away from you for 20 seconds
  • When sitting in front of a digital screen consider wearing glasses rather than contact lenses which causes more drying.
  • Keep the screen at arm's length. Experiment with tilting the computer screen slightly downward to reduce the glare.
  • When possible, limit your exposure to digital devices
  • Reduce your exposure in the evenings to electronic screens. Switch to the night setting on your smartphone. These steps may aid in better sleep.

Common Questions

There are many studies from reputable organizations that find no evidence to support such claims. By following several of the suggestions listed in this article, you will likely reduce your discomfort. Of course, if such discomfort persists, schedule an appointment with a reputable optometrist.
Yes. Smartphones do emit blue light, although the overall amount of light emitted by a cell phone is very minimal. When we go outside during the day our eyes are exposed to tens of thousands of lux of light, lux is a measurement of light that is experienced at the point of measurement. Sunlight is full spectrum, which means that it includes parts of the spectrum of visible light known as High Energy Visible (HEV) Blue Light. When you use your mobile phone the amount of blue light emitted is a tiny percent of the blue light that we would be exposed to by spending a few minutes outside during the day. There is some evidence that suggests that blue light is harmful when exposed at night or close to sleep, particularly a Harvard study that showed that blue light exposure impacts our circadian rhythm, which regulates our bodies production of melatonin and therefore our sleep. While the amount of blue light emitted from a cell phone is probably far too little to impact the health of our retina, it may be harmful to our sleep and therefore detrimental to our overall health. Many phones have a night mode that automatically reduces the level of blue light emitted, this is always a good idea when looking at mobile devices at night. While the science of blue filtering lenses is still undecided, many optometrists are of the opinion that the potential benefits are worth the extra caution. Note that not all blue filtering lenses filter out the same amount of blue light or the same frequencies, speak with our optometrists about the best options for your needs.
Eye Strain and Blue Light
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Treating Computer Vision Syndrome

Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum, and most of our exposure to it comes from the sun. Most experts reject the claim that it causes eye strain and that special protective glasses can reduce these effects. There is no conclusive evidence to prove these assertions or to suggest that special glasses can reduce these symptoms. By adopting better habits, you can reduce these effects, without resorting to buying glasses whose purported efficacy is questionable and unproven. Contact us today to find out more about how to reduce and prevent eye strain.


I haven't actually used the optometrist side, so my review is limited to the vision therapy offered.  This office was recommended by my occupational therapist for the treatment of my double vision following a stroke.

Claire A.

Love this location. I had a brain injury accident from day one one. All the team make you feel you still important and hope in the horizon after when the medical system fell you miserably. Dr. Ikeda very professional and very understanding about your issue. Two tombs up.

Jim K.

My husband and I were immediately impressed with Dr Ikeda. I was hit by a car while cycling which caused broken bones and three brain injuries. The brain injuries caused double vision. Dr. Ikeda examined my eyes and got me started on vision therapy with his occupational therapist who specializes in vision therapy.  She (Chris) is absolutely great.  I am impressed with the array of tools used to help recover my binocular vision.  I am doing things I never thought were possible (balance boards etc).  Chris pushes me and keeps me motivated. I really enjoy my sessions with her.  The office staff is always friendly and they have a wonderful appointment reminder tool that makes it easy to keep my calendar up to date. I am happy the rehab center at Little Co. of Mary recommended them!!

Teresa S.

The Vision Therapy is handled in a separate office through a different door from the shared waiting room. Chris, the vision therapist, has a wide and varied assortment of tools, equipment and resources to best evaluate and treat most vision issues. After just a few visits, my double vision became easier to control, using exercises developed during the therapy process. It was time well-spent.

Joe M.

I have been coming here since I can remember. I love it here. The staff is so amazing and nice. They explain everything they gonna do and never make you feel rushed. Dr. Ikeda has always been my doctor and I would never want another one. He is the doctor for my whole family and is always asking how everyone is doing. I am also so crazy about picking out my frames and have to try so many and each person who helps me take the time and lets me try them all on. I would never want to go anywhere else! I definitely would recommend this office to anyone looking for a great eye doctor.

Kayla W.

This is not for the eye exam but for the frames selection portion. I brought my prescription from Kaiser here with my VSP insurance. The reception staff was very polite and professional.  Manny helped me to pick out frames and explain my coverage.  Very helpful and patient not like the individual at the other place I rated here on Yelp.  I was running late and he still helped me and was not bothered at all.  I am so glad I came here ..........very pleased.

Very professional staff and pleasant.

Daniel G.
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